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The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013 (AB 1217)

By Justin Haagen on Jun 29, 2016 in Government News Articles

The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013 (AB 1217) becomes effective to full compliance with the law on January 1, 2016. This law applies to all Caregivers and or Home Care Aides (HCA) that work for any Home Care agencies. 

Who Does This Effect? 

The Act will apply to California agencies that provide home care services to consumers. The Act will also apply to any affiliated Home Care Aide (Caregiver) that is employed by a Home Care Organization to provide home care services to a client and is listed on the Home Care Aide Registry. 

What are the Annual Training Requirements? 

90-067: Affiliated Home Care Aide Training Requirements

(a) The additional five (5) hours of annual training as set forth in Health and Safety Code section 1796.44(c) shall be completed within the first year of an Affiliated Home Care Aide’s registration date and every subsequent year the Affiliated Home Care Aide remains an Affiliated Home Care Aide.

(1) An Affiliated Home Care Aide who transfers employment from one Home Care Organization to another shall be deemed to meet the requirements of subsection (a) if the Affiliated Home Care Aide can produce written documentation.

(A) For purposes of this section, written documentation means successful completion of training and shall include title and date of training, instructor name and signature, and Affiliated Home Care Aide name.

(B) Entry level training is not transferable and shall be completed at each Home Care Organization to which the Affiliated Home Care Aide is associated.

The 5 hours of annual training IS TRANSFERABLE from one Home Care Organization to another. 

*Please note: The information provided above is strictly for educational purposes. It is not intended to be legal advice, either expressed or implied. SMCT recommends that you consult with your legal counsel regarding all employment regulations.

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