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CPR Classes for Family Safety

Serving Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria Families and Their Loved Ones

Family Safety

We offer classes that train babysitters, parents, grandparents and more to offer lifesaving aid until help arrives!

Infant and Child CPR Training

Our INCH (Infant & Child) class offers instruction in the techniques for both infant and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  This class uses the American Heart Association's Family & Friends guidelines and is recommended for new parents, grandparents and other caregivers of newborns through school-aged children who do not require certification for employment. Participants will receive a student text and  there is no exam. This is an awareness training and does NOT result in a certification. Class is approximate 2 hours.

Babysitter Training

Babysitting 101™ Safety is an important training program for potential babysitters and parents considering hiring a babysitter. The Babysitting 101™ program provides training in pediatric first aid, household safety, and thefundamentals of childcare.  Designed for Kids  ages 11 and older, their parents, and parents looking to hire a babysitter, theBabysitting 101™ program can prepare Tweens & Teens  to interview for a babysitting job, select safe and suitable games and activities, prevent accidents, perform first aid, and begin babysitting safely and competently. Participants will receive a course participation card and forms booklet

Infant & Child CPR/AED & Relief of Choking Awareness Training

How to recognize Sudden cardiac Arrest, perform CPR and use an AED. Basic CPR Skills for child & infant, rescue breaths, emergency action steps,  child, and infant relief of choking.

Safe Kids101™ Home Alone Training

Every parent eventually faces the decision to leave his or her child home alone for the first time.

Why not empower children aged 9 – 12 with confidence and skills to care for themselves when on their own at home!   This is a comprehensive safety and life skills course that teaches kids about street smarts, people awareness, home alone routines, house rules, expectations, siblings & getting along, homework, safe snacking, strangers at the door, package deliveries, internet safety, fire safety and general first aid.  Parents are provided with a step by step guide to help them prepare their children for independence.



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