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Senior Caregiver Online Training

Become a Certified Senior Caregiver Today! 

Online Senior Caregiver Training Santa Barbara Goleta Carpinteria

Get hired quickly and stay abreast of industry trends by obtaining your caregiver certification training.  This 10-hour online course meets orientation training requirements for most states and was created by members of the senior care industry's national association.

This course meets 5 Hours Initial Training Prior to Presence with a Client + 5 Hours Annual Training In Accordance with CA AB1217.          

How it works     

  1. You will be sent an email with a class link and log in directions within a few hours (or call us at 805-705-9222 for faster course delivery)
  2. Review e-mail & follow log-in instructions
  3. Review course sections, tip-sheets, practice quiz
  4. Pass exam at 75% and receive certification
  5. May re-take exam to reach passing score     

Single Person - $55.00

You will be sent an email with a class link and log in directions within a few hours, or call us at 805-705-9222 for faster course delivery.

Training Modules for the Online Course

  1. Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol
  2. Senior Caregiver Job Description
  3. Communication Skills
  4. CARE PLAN and CARE PLAN Notes
  5. Personal Care and Toileting
  6. Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts)
  7. Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control
  8. Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment
  9. Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions
  10. Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
  11. Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information HIPAA
  12. Understanding Abuse and Neglect               

Questions?? Call 805-705-9222

Home Health Agency Volume Group Discount Plans

10 Student Package: $295.00 (includes 1 Year Access)

25 Student Package: $595.00 (includes 1 Year Access )

Upon Completion of passing the Online course, the student will be able to print out their certification certificate. If the agency needs to access the certificate, simply email us.

Technical Requirements/Online Classes

NO refund on any portion of the Online Course Key code once it has been purchased.
Student may make up to two (2) attempts to pass the online testing portion. If you do not pass the online testing, you will be required to purchase an additional course key code. Students are allowed up to 60 days after the completion of the online part of the course to complete the skills session. If you do not pass the online testing in 2 attempts or you do not have a skills session completed within 60 days of completing the online part 1, a new Key code purchase is required.



Open enrollment classes held several times each week, so it is easy to have staff stay compliant and remain certified with the convenience of open enrollment classes.
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