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Onsite Training in CPR/AED

CPR/ AED and First Aid Training for Your
Company or Organization. We Come to You!

All certifications valid for Two Years!

CPR AED Workplace Onsite Training Santa Barbara

Every 90 seconds a person dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the US. Does Your Team know How to Respond and Save a Life?

Onsite Training for groups as small as 8 or as large as 16 students! We offer flexible and convenient scheduling, reliable and experienced instructors and educational materials for all industries.


Need to save time in the workday? Choose Adult Only CPR and save time (includes Digital Student Guide and Certification Card)

ALL AGES CPR/AED (Adult, Child and Infant)

3 Hours plus testing time (includes Digital Student Guide and Certification Card)

Basic First Aid ONLY

All Ages (Adult and Pediatric). 3 Hours plus testing time (includes Digital Student Guide and Certification Card)


Adult,Child.Infant CPR/AED with ALL AGES First Aid

5.5 Hours plus testing time (includes Digital Student Guide and Certification Card)

ASHI's CPR and AED Program is based upon the 2020 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR).

CPR/AED COURSE TOPICS: Sudden cardiac arrest and early defibrillation, cardiovascular disease, barrier devices, infectious diseases, stroke, basic CPR skills, rescue breaths, recovery position, emergency action steps, AED skills, choking, legal and emotional issues.

Basic First Aid COURSE TOPICS: Emergency First Aid, recognizing an emergency, deciding to help, personal safety, assessing for response, mechanism for spinal injury, activating emergency medical services, control of bleeding, managing shock, ongoing assessment, warning signs of serious illness, altered level of responsiveness, pain, severe pressure or discomfort in chest, breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, mechanism for significant injury, swollen, painful or deformed limb,specific first aid problems, moving patients, emotional impact of providing first aid care.

ASHI Courses Include:

  • The ASHI Passport, a desktop and smartphone application, provides refresher/retention lessons and tools for students. Available at no extra charge with certification cards.
  • A digital copy of the student book
  • LearningLinks®: Quarterly ongoing refresher lessons that review emergency care topics covered during the class. Utilizes branching scenarios for interactive learning. LearningLinks® will help students retain their readiness to respond to an illness, injury, or medical emergency
  • Email reminder when certification is about to expire

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