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Babysitting and Infant/Child CPR Training

This BabySitter class is great for Girls and Boys!   

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Babysitting and Child Safety Training is an important training program for potential babysitters and parents considering hiring a babysitter. The Babysitting and Child Safety program provides training in the most common pediatric first aid events, household safety, and the fundamentals of childcare. Content and learning style is geared for the young people just learning or developing babysitting practises!

Babysitter Training
Babysitting and Child Safety Training

Babysitter and Child Safety Training

Designed for Tweens and Teens (ages 11 to about 14) the Babysitting and Child Safety Training program can prepare sitters to:

  • interview for a babysitting job
  • select safe and suitable games and activities
  • prevent accidents
  • perform common first aid techniques
  • relief of choking
  • how to stop bleeding
  • how to administer first aid to areas of bites and stings, burns and other common injuries
  • begin babysitting safely and competently.

Every babysitter should be trained in CPR for children and babies.

Infant & Child CPR/AED Awareness Training Course Topics include:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest 
  • Basic CPR Skills for children and infants
  • Rescue breaths
  • Emergency action steps

This is an awareness training, it does not result in a certification.

More than 90% of deaths from choking occur in children younger than 5 years old; 65% of them are infants! (AHA)

We hold Babysitting Training several times per year. Course length is approximately 4.5 - 5 hours. Bring a snack! 

$75 Per student
or Use Promo Code Baby15
to save $15 when 2 students attend together



A scanned copy of each card issued will be sent to HR to ensure proper filing documentation/compliance.
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