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California SB669 Epinephrine Auto Injector Certification

2 year certification

EMSA approved course for Child Care Providers, Childcare Providers must take a classroom course.

With the new California State Law (SB669), both laypersons and off duty emergency medical services personnel will now be able to complete a certification course to obtain and administer epinephrine pen injections to virtually anyone during an emergency.

Imagine being able to purchase your own epinephrine pen to keep on hand and use it on others in emergency situations! This course is great for anyone, from childcare workers and camp counselors, to off duty EMTs and Paramedics, to babysitters to restaurant workers and more. The lifesaving possibilities are endless!

Students must have valid and current CPR card as a prerequisite.

FAQs About Epinephrine Certification

Are off-duty prehospital emergency medical personnel considered "lay rescuers" under the law when off-duty?

Yes. When off-duty, prehospital emergency medical care personnel are considered lay rescuers. Legally, paramedics, AEMTs, EMTs and First Aid trained public safety personnel are not independent medical practitioners who can use an epinephrine auto-injector while off-duty. Use of an epinephrine auto-injector while off-duty by paramedics, AEMTs, EMS without epinephrine auto-injector certification may place the individual at risk for licensure or certification actions for operating outside of medical control. The epinephrine auto-injector certification will allow them to use and epinephrine auto-injector and be protected from civil liability while off-duty.

After I finish with training can I go get an epinephrine auto-injector from the pharmacy?

No, you must first get a prescription from a health care provider to present to the pharmacy.

Are there any additional costs to becoming certified?

Yes, you must make an application to the State of CA EMS Authority to complete your certification.  The application fee is $15.  You may also incur costs when obtaining the actual Epinephrine auto-injector.

Do I need a certification card to carry my own epinephrine auto-injector?

No. If you have an epinephrine auto-injector prescribed to you by an authorized health care provider, for your own use, you do not need to apply for a certification card.

Do I need a certification card to use an epinephrine auto-injector prescribed to my child or spouse?

No. If your child or spouse has an epinephrine auto-injector prescribed to them by an authorized health care provider you do not need a certification card to use/administer epinephrine to them. 



I thought she was awesome. Normally CPR informational assemblies are not interesting, but the way she broke up the information made her presentation interesting.
Alexa, student
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