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How to Treat Skin Burns

By Justin Haagen on Jun 28, 2016 in Managing Medical Emergencies, Simple Life-Saving Skills

Burn Care Instructions

The larger the surface area burned, the greater the disruption of the skin’s ability to properly maintain body temperature. The deeper a burn goes into the skin and underlying tissue, the more likely the risk of infection

Burns involving the face, hands, genitals, and feet can result in the limitation of basic functions, such as movement and sensation.Minor burns include those that involve the outer layer of the skin and result in redness and pain.These include small burns that extend into the deeper layers of the skin and cause some blistering. Rapid treatment can provide immediate comfort and prevent long-term complications.

Quickly cool the burn with water. This reduces pain, swelling, and depth of injury. Continue cooling until pain is relieved. Do not apply ice. Leave blisters intact. Cover with a loose sterile pad.

How to Treat Critical Burns

Deep burns over a large area of the body are the most severe. These burns often result in extensive blistering and destruction of skin tissue Make sure it is safe for you to help. Activate EMS immediately.

Expose affected area by cutting away clothing. If stuck to the burn, do not remove. If present, remove any jewelry near burned area. Separate fingers or toes with dry, sterile, non-adhesive dressings.

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