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Safe Kids 101™ Training

A Comprehensive Safety Program That Prepares Children to Stay Home Alone

This class is only available as a private group class held either at our office or your organization's location.  At least one parent or teacher is required to assit with the students for the duration of the class.

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Every parent eventually faces the decision to leave his or her child home alone for the first time. Why not empower children aged 9 – 12 years with confidence and skills to care for themselves when on their own at home!

Safe Kids 101™ is a comprehensive safety and life skills course that teaches kids about:

  • street smarts
  • people awareness
  • home alone routines
  • house rules
  • expectations
  • siblings & getting along
  • homework
  • safe snacking
  • strangers at the door
  • package deliveries
  • internet safety
  • fire safety
  • general first aid
  • Parents are provided with a step by step guide to help them prepare their children for independence.

Host A Safe Kids 101™ Private Class at our Location or Yours!

We have a minimum of 10 students to Host a Private Class. 

Call Us at 805-705-922 or email us at [email protected]

(Course Attendance DOES NOT guarantee that it is safe for your child to stay home alone. California does not have a specific law about age requirements for when it is legally permitted to leave a minor alone. Parents must decide on a case-by-case basis what is best for their child.)



Thank you so much for presenting the CPR course for Antioch! We really appreciate being able to host the course for our candidates. You are efficient and professional, and your price is affordable for our students.
Sue Westbrook, Credential Analyst
Antioch University, Teacher Credential Program
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