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Home Health Agency Volume Group Discount Plans for the 5 Hours or 10 Hours Training Requirement

The 10 Hour course :This course meets the 5 Hours Initial Training Prior to Presence with a Client AND the 5 Hours Annual Training In Accordance with CA AB1217. The 5 hours of Annual trainiing included in this course is tranferable from HCO to HCO

10 Student Package 10 Hour                25 Student Package 10 Hour

$295.00 (1 year access)                       $595.00 (1 year access)

The 5 Hour Course: This course meets the 5 hour Annual Core Competency Training. Suggested for Annual Training In Accordance with CA AB1217. This course is tranferable from HCO to HCO

10 Student Package 5 Hour                  25 Student Package 5 Hour

$249.00 (1 year access)                       $495.00 (1 year access)

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Here's how it works!

  1. Each student independently completes the course lecture portion, online, at their convenience, at their pace within 30 days of course start date.
  2. Student Must Pass with a 75% to receive a certificate.
  3. Each student prints out the completion certificate when the course is completed.
  4. Upon Completion of the course SMCT will also email a copy of the student completion certificate to HCO office.

Exam: 10 Hour Course has 36 Questions while the 5 Hour Course has 30 Questions to test knowledge and retention of information. Requires 75% successful score to pass. Caregivers may repeat the exam as many times as necessary. Certified Caregivers receive a numbered certification. Certificate documenting date of completion and exam score?

Online Courses are NON returnable/refundable or transferable between staff once they have been issued to the student. Each student must complete their own course. Courses are NOT Reusable

Training Modules for the 10 Hour Online Course

  1. Caregiver Job Responsibilities and Protocol
  2. Senior Caregiver Job Description
  3. Communication Skills
  4. CARE PLAN and CARE PLAN Notes
  5. Personal Care and Toileting
  6. Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts)
  7. Basic Hygiene and Basic Infection Control
  8. Maintaining a Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment
  9. Basic Personal and Environmental Safety Precautions
  10. Emergency Procedures, Including Basic First Aid and Client’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
  11. Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information HIPAA
  12. Understanding Abuse and Neglect              

Training Modules for the 5 Hour Online Course

  1. Confidentiality of Client Personal, Financial and Health Information HIPAA
  2. Communication Skills, Client’s Rights and Safety
  3. Understanding Abuse and Neglect
  4. Personal Care and Toileting
  5. Adaptive Equipment for Transfers (Gait Belts and Lifts) and Safe Transportation

 Additional Content to Enrich the Caregiver Education in the 5 hour Annual Course

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Activities for Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Structuring the Day for Alzheimer’s Care
  • Dementia and Aggressive Behavior
  • Alzheimer’s Medications: Common Prescriptions and How They Work

Questions?? Call 805-705-9222

Upon Completion of passing the Online course, the student will be able to print out their certification certificate. If the agency needs to access the certificate, simply email us.

Technical Requirements/Online Classes

NO refund on any portion of the Online Course Key code once it has been purchased.



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