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Continuing Education Credits for Certified Nurse Assistants

We Offer CEUs classes twice per month- we rotate the class topics each month. Click on topics to see which class is scheduled for this month!

Burns Pre-Hospital Treatment and Management   Earns 3 CEs $40

Bleeding Control- Before EMS Arrives Earns 3 CEs $40

Disaster Planning for Clients and Staff Earns 2 CEs $30

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches and Canes   Earns 1 CE $15

Using Fire Extinguishers Earns 1 CE $15

Nutrition for Older Adults  Earns 1 CE $ 15 

Epinephrine Auto Injector Earns 2 CEs $30

Communication Skills for the Professionals- Earns 1 CE $15

Creating Inclusion with People with Disabilities /Access & Functional Needs Earns 1 CE  $15

Caring for Muscle & Bone Injuires and Head & Spine Injuires Earns 2 CE $30

HIPPA For Professionals-   Earns  1 CE credit  $15 

Bloodborne Pathogens    Earns 1CE Unit   $15

FALL PREVENTION     Earns 1CE Unit    $15

Elder Abuse & Neglect- Earns 1CE Unit $15 

Approved California Department of Public Health Certified Nurse Assisitant (CNA) Continuing Education (CE) Provider # 6936



A scanned copy of each card issued will be sent to HR to ensure proper filing documentation/compliance.
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